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Acticles by Don Clayton

When to Say NO

Yes is such a nice word. No, on the other hand, is often associated with direct chastisement and/or some type of negative connotation. However, when working with a trusted certified franchise consultant sometimes the best word you can hear is in fact, no.

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There are a lot of people who enter into the world of franchising questioning themselves as to if they can be successful. What they fail to realize is that strength doesn't come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming things you thought you could not do.

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A Trusted Guide

If you've ever been on an adventure where risk is at play (i.e., whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, skydiving), then you know the importance of having a trusted guide by your side. A franchise consultant is the trusted guide when advising people looking to invest in a franchise.

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Responsible Franchising

Responsible franchising requires not only a secure foundation for launching a program but also a genuine commitment to the success of franchisees throughout the life of the relationship, from recruitment through growth, maturity and renewal.

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The Cool People

Why would someone want to utilize the free services of a FranServe, Inc. certified franchise consultant (CFC)? Doesn't everyone have the information on the multitude of options available? Doesn't everyone know all the new and exciting brands on the market right now? Perhaps so, but most likely not.

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Debunking Unfounded Beliefs

Sometimes people have thoughts and beliefs that are unfounded about franchise ownership. Therefore, it's very important for anyone seeking to invest in a franchise speak with a franchise consultant first. One of the misguided beliefs is that it may take years to re-coup your investment and/or it may take months to build a client base.

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Veterans are a Perfect Match

Military veterans make excellent franchise consultants for many reasons. One reason individuals enter the military is their desire to help others and serve their country. Transitioning out of the military, these veterans seek opportunities to continue to serve and help others throughout the world.

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Build It and They Will Come

Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "Build it and they will come." Certified Franchise Consultants (CFCs) are well-trained in the skills of building a profitable business in which they help others make wise decisions when investing in a franchise. Most people have no idea a franchise consultant even exists, much less offers completely free advice!

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A FranServe Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) is the coach one needs while standing on the edge of the diving board ready to take a leap of faith! You see, when it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump; otherwise, you end up staying in the same place your whole life!

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Mistakes, Experience and Theory

A FranServe Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) has many beneficial teaching moments for individuals and families seeking to enter into the world of franchising! Some of these teaching moments can only be taught from a series of mistakes.

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Franchise to Scale?

Oftentimes people think of franchise consultants as simply individuals who help others own a successful franchise business in their community. This is very true. However, FranServe Certified Franchise Consultants (CFCs) also help business owners scale through franchising.

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When most people think of franchising they think of big brands or big corporate control. What they fail to realize is that franchise owners are pillars in their communities in which they serve. They are local business owners who own and operate a local franchise in their city or town.

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Half Full

Recently I had a candidate who'd get real excited about an opportunity but the very next day it'd be inevitable that he'd contact me with something negative or what I call "stinkin' thinkin'." In other words, instead of seeing the glass half full, he saw it as half empty.

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Don't Force It

Remember as a kid the round pegs going in the round holes and the square pegs going in the square holes? As a kid I used to try and force the round pegs into the square holes. Sometimes I would get them to fit but it took a lot of effort and a lot of broken pieces.

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It has been said that if you still have a pulse, then you still have a purpose. FranServe Certified Franchise Consultants (CFCs) are specifically trained and skilled at helping others realize their purpose in this life. Many miss out on their destiny because they sacrifice their destiny for "security."

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FranServe Certified Franchise Consultants (CFCs) serve as "headlights" for their candidates seeking franchise opportunities. Oftentimes, people seeking a franchise get lost in all the weeds; they cannot see a clear path in front of them. Sometimes it can seem dark and lonely.

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Have you ever been laughed at because you were different? For me, I've never been one to conform to the "norm." People laughed when I left my W2 position and became an entrepreneur in my early 20s.

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